Antique, Heirloom & Ordinary Restoration Services

John Hobe and his team will expertly conserve, repair, restore and/or renew just about any piece of furniture you bring to us; be it an antique treasure, family heirloom, or ordinary home or office item.  If you care about it, we can repair and revitalize it while at the same time, preserving it's natural and inherited markings, history and financial and sentimental value.


Smaller items, such as completely restored antique lap desks, can be shipped safely and inexpensively, just about anywhere in the world.

Our repair and restoration services include:
  • antique benches, doors, desks, writing desks, tables, chairs and cabinets;
  • antique lap desks, lap desk writing slopes, and writing boxes; 
  • heirloom wood countertops and headboards;
  • antique wooden and gilt picture frames;
  • wood family crests;
  • antique pool tables;
  • pianos; and
  • custom furnishings.

If it's not on our list, please ask.

Some very specific techniques we use in our workshop include:
  • structural gluing;
  • solid wood splicing;
  • veneer splicing;
  • inlay of wood, ivory, and brass;
  • boulle, boiserie and chinoiserie work;
  • brass polishing and lacquering;
  • shellac, varnish and lacquer finishing;
  • black lacquer; and
  • French polishing.

If you have a moment to read about our Restoration Philosophy, you will see the context and guiding principles that govern our work. 

Thank you for visiting.  
- John Hobe
Our workshop is in Chestnut Hill, a historic neighborhood in Philadelphia PA.
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We serve clients across the North East in the greater Philadelphia, New York (NY) and Baltimore areas.  Our antique furniture restoration and repair workshop is in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia with easy access to Montgomery County and the PA turnpike via Rt 309.  Please call us if you wish to arrange transportation for your furniture.